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Do you wish to first test and evaluate the qualities of your new hired personnel? But without the full administrative hassle? In that case, Salary Portage is the perfect solution for you. For the period from Day 1 until the agreed closing date (usually 3 months) ARSIMA Projects will keep your new hire on its own payroll.

We will take care of all the legal administration and your specific contractual elements (e.g. company car, mobile phone, laptop...). On a monthly basis, your company will get one single invoice, priced according to the agreed daily fee.

After the evaluation period, the choice is all yours: Are you happy about your new hire and do you wish to keep him or her? From that moment onwards, you simply take him or her over on your own payroll. Are you dissatisfied? In that case you have no obligations whatsoever and the agreement stops. You can also decide to stop the agreement earlier, at the end of each month, providing some specific breaking-up conditions.


Benefits salary portage?

  • New hires outside your own payroll      
  • Simple and transparent procedure
  • Limited period (maximum 6 months) 
  • Multiple exit moments possible
  • No obligation to hire afterwards
  • Approved by official government entity